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A white, tufted mattress is centered on a light wooden floor against a white wall. To the right, there is a potted plant with broad green leaves in a white container, adding a touch of nature to the simple, clean setting.
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Free Delivery

We know time is of the essence, we don’t charge for local deliveries.

Fully Certified

All our mattress are Crib5 compliant. One less thing for you to have to worry about.

Illustration of a person taking a nap on a dark blue sofa. The person is lying on their back with a light blue blanket over their lower body, one arm stretched along the back of the sofa, and the other resting by their side. Three "Z"s above their head indicate sleeping, and their relaxed posture suggests a peaceful rest. The backdrop is a light beige shape, creating a calm and minimalistic scene.

Good for the planet, good for business

By holding stock on-island, our sustainability is enhanced due to significantly reduced shipping costs, minimising our environmental footprint.

Why choose Sleep Jersey Professional?

Our mattresses are designed with the utmost care and attention to provide you with the perfect night's sleep. With innovative features and superior craftsmanship, we guarantee an unparalleled level of comfort.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all contract bed orders

No minimum order value

Stock stored on-island to pass the savings onto you

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Speak to the team today to get a customised quote for your business.

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